8 Reasons Why You Should Exercise In The Morning

8 Reasons Why You Should Exercise In The Morning

We all have fallen for these lines before: ”I’ll go after work or “I don’t really have time to work out…”

These are excuses we constantly make for ourselves. But why? You’ve probably heard the term, “Your health is your wealth,” and we know how important it is to our well-being, but somehow we fail to follow through with our plans to take the best care of ourselves as we can. 

You may not even consider yourself a morning person, but there are good reasons to change your mindset and become one. One of the best reasons to start is that working out in the morning will help you stick to your exercise plan more than waiting until nighttime.
Here’s why:

1. It sets the pace for the rest of your day

Starting your morning off with a workout will put you in a better mood by providing you with those feel-good endorphins. Everyone knows we could all use a little extra happiness in our day.

2. It motivates you to eat healthier that day

When we’ve already worked out for the day, it’s much easier to walk right past those cookies in the cupboard or that little bag of chips in the office snack basket. On the flip-side, it’s also easy to justify poor-eating habits during the day if you think you are going to work out later to burn off those extra calories from those unhealthy choices. Working out early takes this mindset out of the equation. 

3. You have less excuses for missing a workout in the morning

Picking up the kids from school, girlfriend wine nights and birthday dinners rarely happen at 6:30am, so you workout schedule rarely can be erased with another priority. 

4. Your metabolism gets a boost when you workout in the morning

Your metabolism will be in high gear first thing in the morning, burning up those calories like a well-oiled machine.

5. It gives you a sense of accomplishment

Before your day even starts, you have accomplished something. This is so important for our mental health. Feeling successful the first thing in the morning, can only lead to great things later on in the day.

6. It helps to regulate your sleep cycle

Waking up early means you’ll be tired earlier, and hopefully get in the habit of going to bed earlier too. Giving your body a routine it can count on, will ultimately help you to get better sleep. 

7. Most of us thrive on routine

Our lives can be filled with stress and unknowns every day. Working out each morning brings that stability that we need to thrive.

8. You can focus without distractions

The best part about being up before everyone else is well…you’re up before everyone else. 

That means no kid requests, no texts, and no emails. It’s all about you and your workout.

Set your alarm an hour earlier tomorrow morning and start getting into the healthy habit of working out in the morning. You’ll be happy you did.